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Are you finding black widow spiders in your home?
If you have been in your home or workspace and have said something along the lines of “Ahh I think I just saw a black widow spider!” We want to help you know the right steps to take now or help you understand a few facts about this unique type of spider to keep you, your family, coworkers, and pets safe.


One important thing to note is that not all black widow spiders are always black, depending on the species of the black widow spider (there are 31). With some species, black widow spiders are dark to light brown in coloring. It is also important to mention that not all species have that noticeable red violin on their abdomen. So it’s possible you may have seen a black widow without even knowing it was a black widow!


Black widow spiders like to live in dark, secluded and protected areas like boxes, firewood, corners, closets, basements, and areas filled with clutter in your home.
Female black widow spiders will typically eat the male after mating. After she will build a strong web and could lay an upward amount of 400 eggs. . . .creepy!
Black widow spiders are not normally deadly. It is true that they have a very poisonous bite, but it is rare the bite is fatal. Symptoms can include muscle stiffness, nausea, difficulty breathing, or itching and redness around the bite. The severity of these symptoms may warrant a hospital visit. Fatalities will typically only occur when the victim of a black widow bite is elderly, very young, or has underlying health conditions that could make the effects of the bite much worse. It is still important to understand that black widow bites are dangerous and extremely painful. If you have been bitten by a black widow, seek professional medical help ASAP.


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